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Blanc Art has selected ten Colombian artists that are leaving a mark on the art scene. From from photographers to media makers, from sculptures to installations, each artist is special with a unique and bold vision.

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Blan Art

Juan Pablo Echeverri
Bogota, 1978

Photography and video

Juan Pablo Echeverri has been doing self-portraits for the past 18 years, altering his image and playing with his appearance he has created a collection of characters. How people construct their "selves" is the key element of his work.

For more information please visit the artist website.

Artist: Juan Pablo Echeverri

Title: Supersonas

Image courtesy of the artist

Doris Salcedo
Bogota, 1958

Art installations and sculptures

Doris Salcedo is well-known for her sculptures and art installations her artwork is influenced by her experiences in Colombia touching themes related to violence, trauma, historical events, and historical witness. Salcedo commonly uses everyday objects to build her artwork.



Artist: Doris Salcedo

Title: Fragmentos

Image by Blanc Art at Fragmentos, Bogota, Colombia,  February 2019

Oscar Murillo
La Paila, Valle del Cauca, 1986 (Lives in London)

Painter and installation artist

Oscar Murillo is a contemporary painter an installation artist, with a wide range of techniques, including mixed-media paintings, ordinary objects, fragments from his studio and text. Murillo has several solo exhibitions around the world, he is represented by the gallery David Zwirner since 2013.

If you are in London don't miss Murillo's exhibition titled "Manifestation" (June 8 - July 26, 2019).

Oscar Murillo, manifestation, 2019

Oil, oil stick and spray paint on canvas, linen and velvet

Image: © Oscar Murillo, Courtesy the artist and David Zwirner

Monika Bravo
Bogota, 1964 (Lives in New York)

Art installations, public art

Monika Bravo examines the notion of perception to question the world we live in is a mental construction. Bravo uses moving images, sounds, and technology as part of her artwork, she challenges and invites the audience to explore and interact with both object and space.

For more information check out the artist website.


Artist: Monika Bravo


Image: Courtesy of the artist and MTA arts and design photo Peter Pierce

Title: DURATION Artist: Monika Bravo date and location of artwork; 2017, Prospect Ave station Brooklyn, NY Commissioning agency MTA ARTS AND DESIGN Medium and dimensions; glass mosaic and printed ceramic, 5 glass mosaic murals along with the platforms each mural approx. 4 feet by 27 ft wide. Very brief project description; Inspired by Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities, I want to convey a sense of presence, giving the viewer numerous possibilities to connect by layering maps, color, shapes, and animated images from nature. (Text Courtesy of the artist and MTA arts and design photo Peter pierce)

José Alejandro Restrepo
Paris, 1950 (Lives in Colombia since 1980)

Video, installation, image, and media.

Jose Alejandro artwork is a dialogue with the image and its variety of formats, he focuses his work on the different connections between art and different topics related to history, religion, politics, and media.

Musa Paradisíaca is part of the exhibition "Tierra de Por Medio" at Museo de Arte Miguel Urrutia (MAMU), Bogotá, until the 15 of July 2019.

Musa Paradisiaca

Artist: José Alejandro Restrepo

Title: Musa Paradisíaca

Image Blanc Art at MAMU, Bogota, Colombia, May 2019

Maria Fernanda Cardoso
Bogotá, 1963 (Currently living in Sydney)

Sculpture, performance, and installations


Maria Fernanda Cardoso explores the natural world and its links to culture and science. Cardoso focuses her artwork on life and death, constructs her artwork with unconventional and organic materials like plants, dried and living animals and bones.

To find more check out the artist website.

  Artist: Maria Fernanda Cardoso

       Title: Spiders of Paradise

       Image: Courtesy of the artist

Miler Lagos
Bogotá, 1973

Sculpture, installations, and video

Miller Lagos is known for exploring and playing with material properties showing, at first sight, the controversy between an original object and its copy but his artwork often engage with local environmental or specific cultural and political concerns.


Artist: Miler Lagos

Title: Nómadas

Image by Blanc Art at Claustro San Agustín, Bogota, Colombia, May 2019

Maria Elvira Escallón
London, 1954 (Lives in Bogota)

Installation, sculpture and photography

Maria Elvira Escallon bases her work in historical events and the boundaries between culture and nature. Escallon questions the natural state of things highlighting the dual condition of opposition versus continuity. Her recent work ranges from an ice cube, hospital's abandoned beds to terrorist attack photographies.

For more information check the artist website.

En estado de coma Serie Cultivos

Artist: Maria Elvira Escallón

Title: "En estado de Coma" From the series "Cultivos"

At the San Juan de Dios Hospital, Bogotá, Colombia

Image courtesy of the artist

Oscar Muñoz
Popayan, 1951

Image, photography, Media, installation, and sculpture

Oscar Muñoz artwork is known for the use of ephemeral materials, he explores the image where he adds a documentary element and how it's related to memory, loss, and mortality.

For more information check out the artist website

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 11.29.51

Artist: Oscar Muñoz

Title: Narcisos

Image by Blanc Art at MAMM, Medellin, Colombia, Feb 2019

Delcy Morelos
Tierra Alta (Córdoba), 1967

Paintings, installations and sculptures

Delcy Morelos an artist that grew up in Tierra Alta, Córdoba, a region of Colombia touched by war and its violence, a place labeled as "zona roja". Morelos takes violence and fear as the key elements for her artwork, with her work she also brings into question why humans act with violence.


Artist: Delcy Morelos

Title: "En la trama personal"

Image by Blanc Art at Alonso Garces Gallery, Bogota, June 2019

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