Ph: By Saberes haceres y lugares, Altos de Cazuca
Ph: By Saberes haceres y lugares, Altos de Cazuca

Blanc Art is having its second anniversary and since it accomplished the first year I was with the idea in my head to create something "tangible" (non-digital) and impactful, something that could help someone. In the first place, I started defining two main goals: 1. Design and create a product, hand made by a vulnerable community of my country, Colombia. 2. No impact, use or reuse materials, try to be conscious about the life cycle of the product.

After some research I fount "Emprender con corazón" a community that builds life opportunities and develops talents by allowing young and vulnerable people from Altos de Cazuca (Soacha) to receive some income and get some job opportunities through the graphic arts. As "Emprender con Corazon" was doing hand made paper products, we agreed to design a product that boosts creativity and helps the ideation process of artists, designers, writers and all the people that are keen to create. A sketchbook is a tool, a starting point of lots of ideas that might become real or tangible in the future. (By Maria Albornoz, Blanc Art founder)

As it was a handmade product we decided to create 100 units, so please if you are interested in getting one feel free to submit your the request in our contact page.

The result:
A product with social and environmental impact
Paper type: Sugar cane paper Cover: Reused craft

A treeless sketchbook for creators, makers, and doers

Let's inspire, let's share art!
Blanc Art

Get a treeless sketchbook! 

A product with impact

Ph: Juana Ruiz Photography
Ph: Juana Ruiz Photography
Ph: Juana Ruiz Photography
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